Commitment Quality and Integrity

Why Vidya Academy?

In addition to the curriculum, Vidya Academy will cater to the cognitive, creative, linguistic, social and emotional development of each child. We will encourage your child to look for peer relationships, interact cooperatively, communicate well, contribute and assist in enhancing life skills.

In all, we vow that a student of Vidya Academy will positively graduate as an empowered, wholesome individual.

Five Essential Skills We Nurture

Cognitive Development

Helps in self-esteem, confidence, problem solving, builds vocabulary, planning, exploring and experimenting.

Social and Emotional Development

Creating positive personal identity, developing friendships, developing memory and curiosity, participating and engaging.

Physical Development

Helps in Muscle Control, balancing and coordination.

Language Development

Reading, writing, listening, independent and self-help skills.

Self Help Skills

Fine motor movements, Self-feeding, Self-dressing and grooming, hygiene and toileting, helping with chores.

Happiness Unlimited

At Vidya Academy, we believe happiness is the most important criteria on which the success of entire pre-schooling depends. Happiness is believed to be the state of psychological well-being of a child influenced by various classroom activities such as learning, playing, dancing, entertainment, reading comic books, sports, drawing and other activities. Thus, focusing on the happiness of children from early childhood is of prime importance, as research has shown that happy children are expected to be more vigilant in recognizing and using their emotions in multifaceted social environments efficiently.