Governing Body

Shri I.M. Jayaram Shetty

Founder Chairman

Born in the illustrious Moodlakatte Doddamane family of Sri. Bhujanga Shetty & Smt. Nagarathna Shetty, the erstwhile philanthropic landlords and agriculturists, I M Jayaram Shetty has carved a name among the social stalwarts who were instrumental in transforming the undivided South Canara district, which has mythological connection to the famous sage Lord Parashurama. Hence this land is described as the Land of Parashurama Srishti.

Chairman’s Message


We at Vidya Academy firmly believe that the school years are crucial for development of good habits and strong character which are the building blocks of excellence. To aid this we have developed a holistic system where the nitty- gritty of formal education has been intricately woven with moral, spiritual and social education. We indend to mine out and chisel the skills and the potentialities of our students.

To facilitate our intentions we are committed to creating the best possible educational experience for every child. We have created an environment and ambience that fosters learning while providing our students with opportunities to explore and challenge them to identify their potential and reinforce them.

Keeping in mind the challenges that lie ahead, we shall leave no stone unturned to enrich every child’s experience in the school. Our implicit promise is to provide every child with transformative education, rooted in the highest standards of academic excellence and nurtured by our founder’s values.
My conviction is that every child is capable of his/her complete development. The future is abstract and obscure, but the youth in our hands are real and can be moulded.

Mr. Siddhartha J. Shetty



Smt. Vidya J. Shetty

Managing Trustee

Mr. Siddhartha J. Shetty


Mr. Ram Rathan J. Shetty


MNBS Trust

Vidya Academy is managed by MNBS Trust – Moodlakatte Nagarathna Bhujanga Shetty Trust (R), Moodlakatte., who pioneered an educational movement in Kundapura taluk to establish Institutes in Engineering and Management for the deserving and poor students of the area. The trust was formed in the year 1995 under the leadership of late I M Jayaram Shetty. The key purpose of forming the trust was to promote education, social and cultural activities in rural areas of our country. The trust has contributed tremendously in the area of education since its inception. Vidya Academy is fully backed by the Trust along with the strong advisory group of Academicians, Industrialists and entrepreneurs.

MNBS Trust Objectives

The objectives for which MNBS Trust is established are educational, social, cultural, economic and advancement of any other charitable and developmental objects of general public utility and community welfare. 

  • To perform educational, social, cultural and economic activities for the betterment of the society irrespective of caste, creed or religion. 
  • To promote the spread of Education of Vocational, Technical, Agricultural, Health and other relevant category and for this purpose establish, manage, encourage, aid, support, affiliate or incorporate schools, colleges, or such other institutions at suitable place from time to time and for the purpose promote, constitute or cause regional organization committees or sub committees wherever necessary. 
  • To establish the education institutions for professional and medical sciences including the Indian system of Medicines including the establishment of research Institutions both for men and animals along with hospitals. 
  • To promote and establish, and administer educational and vocational school or institution or college or deemed university and to run the same for educational or vocational purpose, in various places throughout India as well as outside India, subject to various permissions as required, with a motive to render service to the public and especially to economically backward students. 
  • To establish, maintain, and/or grant aid in cash and/or kind to schools, colleges, educational institutions, hostels, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, youth clubs, sports clubs, libraries, child and women welfare centers and/or such other similar charitable institutions in India for the benefit and use of the public in general. 
  • To establish adult schools and colleges for promoting literacy among adults and night school and colleges to enable youngsters to learn while they earn/learn multiple life skills. 
  • To accept donations grants, presents and offerings, in cash or in kind from persons, association of persons, firms, companies, institutions, universities in India & abroad and to deal with the same for the purpose of achieving the objects of the trust mentioned above upon such terms and conditions as trustees may think fit and consistent with the objects of the trust. 
  • To provide hostels for students and grant concessions, scholarships, free-ship and other facilities and incentives for poor and deserving students. 
  • To grant relief during natural calamities, such as famine, flood, fire and other occasion of calamities of similar nature and to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, establishments or persons during such relief work. 
  • To organize social, cultural and environmental activities through channelizing rural youth energy into constructive and creative directions.